शुक्रवार, 2 जुलाई 2010


"Love is not about dominating the other, says Osho..if you try to curb its freedom or keep it under control, you only enp up killing it"

Love brings freedom. and a love that does not brings freedom is not Love. Love is not domination. How can you dominate someone you love? How can you make him / her dependent , and still be loving ? but that's what goes on happening in the world in the name of Love---something else --a lust to power, to dominate the other. Naturally independence cannot be allowed . Every effort is made that the other should be a carbon copy of you. You are afraid of the freedom of other , because freedom is not controllable , and freedom is not predicatable. So all , so called love tries in every way to destroy freedom..and the moment freedom destroyed ..LOVE DIES..
Love is very fragile, just like a rose flower. You have to let it dance in the rain, in the wind , in the sun , Love is like a Bird on the wing, having the whole sky as its freedom. You can catch hold of the bird , you can put it in a beautiful golden cage , and it seems it is the same bird that was flying in freedom and had the whole sky to itself. It only appears to be the same bird ..It is not killed it ..You have cut its wings , you have taken away its sky. and the birds dont bother about your gold ...However precious my be your cage, it is imprisonment . And that's what we are doing with our Love: we create golden cages, We are afraid because sky is Vast ..The fear is that the Bird may not return ...To keep it under your control it has be imprisioned ..That's how love become marriage..
Love is a bird on the wing; marriage is bird in a golden cage..And certainly the bird can never forgive you.